Thunder Bay – We Need To Know The Whole Story Before We Condemn The Police Officer’s Actions

‘I wanted to share the video to raise awareness:’ Hardy

The woman who shared a video to social media showing what appears to be a member of the Thunder Bay Police Service striking an Indigenous youth said her goal was to raise awareness about what happens in the city and how people respond to it.

The video has generated national media attention and Nishawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief, Alvin Fiddler, expressed outrage over the officer’s actions. Numerous people have also been commenting to social media on the video and Hardy said she was expecting it to cause a strong reaction in the community, in both a negative and positive way.   – Tbnewswatch

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…said her goal was to raise awareness about what happens in the city and how people respond to it…

We don’t know what happened.  We only know what took place during those 21 seconds contained in the video clip. There is context that is missing.  A lot of context.

…The video has generated national media attention…

The national media attention that this video generated did not mention the spiting at all.  It makes it sound that the police officer slapped the 17 year old just out of spite. Just because the 17 year old was Indigenous.  Had the 17 year old been Caucasian instead of Indigenous, would the officer still have slapped her?  I suspect, if the person had spit on the police officer, no matter what race the spitter was, that person would have received the same response from the officer.   Spitting on a person is that vile an act that it triggers that kind of response automatically. Spitting on a person is an assault.

There is much more to this story than we are being told.  Why were the police there in the first place?  Why was the 17 year old on an ambulance stretcher?   I hope all of this comes out in the media as well.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    splitting at a cop or anyone is ASSAULT period! Charge the scum.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Leave race out of it. Then what do you have. A police officer reacting to being spit on. Judge her actions only from that perspective.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Yes, and until the cry of racism is not the first response to any wrongdoing it is difficult to progress towards truth and reconciliation. There often seems an emphasis on reconciliation; i.e. payouts, and not enough on truth. This knee-jerk “racism” response is not helping anyone.

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