The World – France Suspends Fuel Tax After “Yellow Vest” Riots

Macron Folds: France Suspends Fuel Tax Hike After “Yellow Vest” Riots

With his popularity rating at record lows (recent polls put it at around 26%, on par with Hollande), his capital city burning and the populists he defeated during his stunning electoral victory last year making serious electoral inroads, French President Emmanuel Macron finally caved, and on Tuesday ordered a six month suspension of planned ‘fuel taxes’ which spurred widespread and destructive protests across France over the past three weeks.

After reportedly weighing declaring a state of emergency that would have cleared the way for an unprecedented crackdown on dissent, Macron decided that such measures would only intensify the popular opposition to his government. And according to Reuters, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has declared a suspension of the staggeringly unpopular tax. – Zerohedge

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Soooo, we don’t have to just sit back and accept any tax that a government decides to impose on us?  If we get out in the streets and voice our displeasure, governments will change their minds?  Interesting.

How long until we start to see anti-tax demonstrations here in Canada?  Our governments keep adding taxes left right and centre.  Maybe its time people stand up and say that they have had enough?

Trudeau just handed over $50 million via a tweet to a global charity for children’s education.  He tweeted this to comedian Trevor Noah.  I am not saying that the charity is not deserving of support.  The way it was done, seemed to be a spur of the moment thing designed to impress someone or some people at a party.

Its not “Not My Prime Minister” Justin Trudeau’s money to give.   We do not pay taxes so a politician can go around tweeting out cash to anyone they want, whenever they want.

Canada hands out millions to international organizations every year. Its in the budget. Its organized.  Its not done at a party via Twitter.

We do have children’s education problems here in Canada that need to be funded as well.  I would think that our government would put its own citizens and their needs first.  Make sure that ALL Canadian children have access to a high quality education.  I am not sure that is the case.

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