Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Good to know.

The Delta Hotel “valet” parking lot at the south end of Marina Park.  Hopefully if you have to park your car there overnight, you have lots of insurance. Who the hell knows what goes on there after dark?

Still pounding away on that frozen ground

MV Blacky

MV Federal Weser

<ahref=””>MV Federal Welland

Waiting for peanuts

Big chunk of ice.

Manoeuvring the crane into place.

MV Federal Berents

MV Federal Welland

Daily meeting has begun.

Its nice to see the trash laying around the city getting festive.

People drink this stuff.

Thought I would take a couple of shots of this tree while the sun is shining.  Makes the colours pop.

The City of Thunder Bay spent millions renovating the inside and outside of the building but left that ugly Thunder Bay Hydro sign up?  Why?  The building would look sooo much better without it.

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