Thunder Bay – Wednesday

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Laying on the ground because of wind or vandalism?

A piece of another blue snowflake.

Looks like this is where it landed. This is on the street.

This one is broken.

MV Federal Katsura

Sleeping Giant Logger lager

MV Federal Weser on left and MV Blacky on right.

MV Blacky

MV Federal Weser

Crow versus peanut

Looks like some success.

Pretty sure this is a dog print.

Left two sets of two peanuts. A pair for each crow.  This crow had other ideas though.

Takes its two peanuts

over to the other two peanuts

and tries to pick up all four

and does.  Four peanuts in its mouth

Another two pair of peanuts. This time the crow that missed out last time has made sure it got in the action

One crow took its two and left

The other decided to eat its peanuts here.

Gave up trying to dig in the ground?  Are they finished?

Does not look finished.

MV Federal Welland


Snow squall

Still working on the condos

I wonder what they are talking about in there?  I am in no hurry to run the gauntlet.

See one of these down in the north core almost every week.  Used to be a time I never saw one at all, except and vehicle collisions.


I guess its easy to meet this opening date.

I wonder how long before UNIFOR signs up the workers here?

Jackhammering away.  I wonder what they are planning on building?  Condos? Apartments?  Parking lot?

Grinding the tree stump in Waverley Park.


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