Thunder Bay – Your Tax Dollars At Work

Replacing some wooden lamp poles with new concrete bases and what I believe will be metal posts.  The wooden posts were installed as part of Prince Arthur’s Landing Phase One development. They are less than 10 years old.

You might wonder why the concrete bases and metal posts were not initially installed, the answer is price.  The wooden posts were cheaper.  The fact that the cheaper alternative has to be replaced after less than 10 years with the originally “rejected because of price” option means that we taxpayers are once again being screwed.

Soo, you wonder wht did the wooden posts last only less than 10 years?  My understanding is dog urine.  Dog pissing on the wood.  Yup.  The wood was not pressure treated.  I guess insects and dog urine weakened the posts.  Several posts have fallen over the past year or so.  (Example  here )

Doing this first week of December?


New concrete base installed.

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    Perhaps a combination of dog urine and lawn mowing machine mishaps?

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