Thunder Bay – Thursday

a sunny day. Click on any image to enlarge

Building tops.  Bright colours on a blue background.  I adjusted the perspective in a lot of the building top photos to try and keep lines straight. Might look a little strange sometimes, but, hey, that’s art.

Flying the Finnish flag today.  Must be a Finn Holiday.

Looks like the contractor has returned to try and dig in the frozen ground.

Same ships as last time: MV Blacky on the right and MV Federal Weser on the left. It must be boring out there.

MV Fedetral Katsura

Continue replacing wooden light poles with lights with concrete bases in Marina Park.

Still needs to be replaced

What new bases look like.

New concrete light base on left. What’s under the box you ask?  Why its another concrete light base.  The light was removed during the Prince Arthur’s Landing Phase one and replaced with a wooden pole.  The concrete base was left and covered with a plywood box. These boxes, yes there are more than one, have been there for around 7 years?

The box located on Pier 1 was smashed a couple of winters ago.  Vehicles ended up driving over it bending the bolts flat.  The base is still there.

There is a box on Pier 2

and there is one on Pier 3.


MV Kaministiqua

Ice covered rocks along the shoreline.

Still doing whatever they are doing on the condos

Someone needed to take the edge off of their day.


Get colour wherever you can

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