Thunder Bay – Sunday

All of yesterday’s sidewalk slush is now sidewalk ice.  Not the greatest situation for pedestrians.  I walk on the street whenever possible.  Streets are ice free.

Did not get an opportunity to properly frame up the following rail car graffiti photos because the train was moving rather quickly.

The loiterers are there early on a Sunday

Crowd got pretty big

Then tapered off to just three

Lighthouse fog horn was sounding today

More snow coming tonight.  I wonder if this parking launch will be plowed after that?

I usually see empty cans

These cans were full

They froze

I always wonder how much grain is lost during transportation.

Finally got to walk through the pedestrian overpass. Lots of Kelly’s Wine caps

Spilled wine as well

Think this is from a rum bottle


I have never seen any racist graffiti while walking around town.  Never.  Not sure where it is supposed to be.  If I saw some, I would photograph it.  I do not ignore those kinds of things.

Rum bottle cap?

The joys of on-street parking.

Vehicle owner needs to be responsible for shovelling this crap off of the road.

Imagine if sidewalks were next to the street.  Graders could plow them. Now snowbanks to crawl over.

If this sidewalk was next to the street, Keeping it clear of snow would be easy.  As it is, the boulevards are not able to contain all of the snow from the street.  The snow then falls back onto the street or onto the sidewalk.

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