Thunder Bay – Monday

Large snowfall overnight. An abbreviated waterfront tour today as none of the trails were cleared of snow..

Mentioned this before.  Sidewalk plow clears sidewalk of snow, grader then throws snow from street back onto sidewalk.  Water Street has four lanes.  That means two lanes worth of snow gets pushed onto a very narrow boulevard.  PLUS snow from the sidewalk also gets pushed up onto that giant boulevard snowbank.  The entire design is stupid.  No forethought about snow storage when designing streets.

If sidewalk was next to street, no boulevard at all, I believe dealing with snow would be much easier.

I wonder just how snowplowing in Marina Park will change once the hotel is opened?  I doubt if the hotel would be happy with what I see there today. Not good for business if its hard for customers to get in and out of the park.

Big crowd loitering in the pedestrian overpass today.  Not great for people walking through there. A bit intimidating.

Could use the parking lot but, hey, people in this city NEED to park on the street.  As close to the door as possible.

Not something I would would want to place my bare ass on.

More Water Street snow thrown on to the sidewalk making it almost impossible for someone to walk on….but who cares about the pedestrians?

Maybe Safeway should stop people from taking their carts off of their property?

Tbaytel truck blocking sightlines at the Pearl Street/Court Street intersection…not that anyone cares.

The joys of allowing people to park their cars on the street.

More on street parking/snow clearing issues. Grader has to make several passes when one should do.

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