Thunder Bay – Time To Point Fingers And Name Names. Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant

Police Services Board to publicly acknowledge systemic racism during Reconciliation Circle

The Thunder Bay Police Services Board will be taking a significant step forward toward reconciliation as it publicly acknowledges the existence of systemic racism in the Police Service and the Board.

This weekend, the Police Services Board will be participating in an Acknowledgement and Reconciliation Circle with the public and First Nations.

“It is to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism with respect to both the board and the Police Service,” said Thunder Bay Police Service Board chair, Celina Reitberger. “It’s crucial because one of the things we are going to provide is the definition of systemic racism, which has to do with the way our systems are set up that cause these problems.”

The public acknowledgement of systemic racism follows a report by Senator Murray Sinclair ordered by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. The report found the board failed to address the concerns of the Indigenous community when it came to policing in Thunder Bay.

Sinclair’s report followed Independent Police Review Director, Gerry McNeilly, and findings of systemic racism in the Thunder Bay Police Service at an institutional level.

The Acknowledgement and Reconciliation Circle will take place on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 2 p.m. at the Ka Na Chi Hih Treatment Centre on Dease Street.

Taking part will be members of the Police Services Board, First Nation members and elders, Thunder Bay Police Service chief, Sylvie Hauth, and the public. – Tbnewswatch

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Where’s J.P. Levesque?   Where is Jackie Dojack?  They are missing in action.  Why are they not explaining just what the @#%$ happened?

THAT is what is wrong with all these acknowledgements and apologies.   They are never made by the people who were in charge.  By the people who made the decisions.

New Police Chief. New Police Services Board Chairperson.  New Police Services Board members.

If this makes everyone happy then fine.  This is how Alcoholics Anonymous works.  Lets just get all of this theatre over with and then get down to the task of  cleaning up all of that “racism” that is rampant in our Police Force and Board.

I want names named.  I want the “racists” publicly named and then fired.  Lets get them out of our force.  Sooo who are they?   Lets point fingers.

Is Levesque racist?  He was Police Chief.  Does it go back as far as Bob Herman? Herman is a bit of a problem because he was Deputy Chief of the NAN Police Force for a while.

How about Dojack?  Other former Board members?  Police Officers?   Who?  You can’t have systemic racism without racists. Just who are these racists?

There are members of the Thunder Bay Police Services and its Board that have let the people of Thunder Bay down.   I want to know who they are.  I want them dismissed and if appropriate, charge with hate crimes.  Lets get serious.

Racism is an extremely serious charge. An entire city and its police force have been very publicly accused of this.  Sooo I think its time for the people who are making those accusations to step up and tell us who the offenders are.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Lets start disinfecting.

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