Thunder Bay – Tuesday

How does our high salaried residents of City Hall expect pedestrians to climb over these snowbanks?

Deja vu all over again. Looked like this a year ago.

The new parking lot located at the south end of Marina Park has finally been cleared of snow.


Hmmm…Pool 6 office building.

Paramedics as well.  I wonder what was going on?  A meeting of some sort?

Boat launch parking lot has been cleared of snow as well.

The four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel looks like it will soon have a front door.


Not unusual to see this.

The pedestrian overpass today

I wonder if this person was collecting Air Miles

I beg to differ


These energy drinks will kill you if you drink a lot of them.


City workers clear the sidewalks. Private contractors clear parking lots push the snow right back.

Snowplow contractors are assholes.  This is the parking lot for Maletta’s Hair Care

The joys of allowing on-street parking during the winter


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