Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Grader keeps making a daily appearance making this snowbank taller and taller.  Sidewalk plow is missing in action.  Walk on the street.  Streets have been clear of snow for several days now.

Even when the sidewalk plow does come around, contractors clearing private parking lots push that snow right back onto the sidewalk.

Snowperson?  Not sure how to address these things now.

Thought there was a deposit on these.

Feral shopping cart blocking sidewalk.  Wheelchairs beware.

These are the walk ways that are supposed to allow people to park their vehicles in the new lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park 2016/2017 to access the rec trails. 

Looks like it could use some new paint.  Preferably painted by someone other than a sailor.

What’s left after a crow goes after some peanuts


Cold as it looks.

Someone walked down Pier 1. It was not me. City of Thunder Bay does not plow this.

Foe some reason, this lamp was not replaced last fall.  Not sure why not.

Bubble system hole getting smaller.

Sun came out for a few minutes.

Animal tracks

A large group of loiterers loitering on the pedestrian overpass

Pedestrian entering from left tries to negotiate the human blockade

She had to weaver her way through the crowd who did not move out of her way

Notice nobody moved an inch.  City of Thunder Bay does not care about this.  Groups of loiterers in a confined area can be intimidating to people who simply want to walk through the public facility.

Not sure why the grader left this windrow in the centre of the street.  Oh yes, its because of the on-street parking.

Many streets will soon be one lane only.

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