Thunder Bay – Thursday

Now how did this pile of snow end up in the middle of the sidewalk?  Strange.

Some escapees from the Chronicle Journal compound.

You can see others inside the fence that did not make it.

One of my crow buddies.

Animal using the culvert to cross the road

Another escapee from the Chronicle Journal compound?  In the park?

You can see how deep the snow is

Looks like its a sunnier day over there.

Want to stop photographing this thing but on a day like today, with the subtle colours in the sky…Besides, there’s not much else.

The clouds in the distance look like mountains

Yellow snow.  Stands out.

Did someone walk out onto the dock to take a photograph?

Small group today.

Imperial Fortified Wine $9.45 for $750 ml. (79.37 ml/$).  $Kelly’s is $10.90 for 1000 ml. (91.74ml/$)  I can see why Kelly’s is more popular.   Maybe these people only had enough for the cheaper wine?  

Where do you put the trash?

How do you push the button?

The limit of creativity of local graffiti criminals.  If they can’t do better, then they should quit  and go home.  This is kindergarten level art.

Been for sale for years.

Another example of people blocking sidewalks while clearing their own walks, driveways and parking lots.  How are people who are not that mobile (wheelchairs and walkers) expected to maneuver over these things?

Many sidewaks still not cleared of snow.

Kivela Bakery building.  Its an old building.  It would be a shame if it was demolished.

Still there.

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