Thunder Bay – Chamber Demands Tax Levy Increase to Be Capped At 2 Percent

Chamber demands tax levy increase be capped at 2 per cent

The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is calling on city council to remove $2.4 million in tax-funded spending from the proposed 2019 budget.

Chamber officials appeared before Thunder Bay city council during Thursday night’s public pre-budget meeting, pushing for the increase to the municipal tax levy to be capped at two per cent.

The starting point for this year’s budget review process is a levy hike of $6.2 million, amounting to a 3.25 per cent increase from 2018. After factoring growth, it’s a 2.95 per cent hit for existing taxpayers.

The levy is the total amount of money the city would need to collect from the municipal tax base. The levy increase does not reflect the rate of property tax increases. Tbnewswatch

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This is on top of the $18 million or so the City of Thunder Bay gets from Tbaytel every year. That money disappears into the Black Hole know as general revenue.  That $18 million is just a tax that is levied on Tbaytel customers. Most of whom are city ratepayers.

Then there is all the money we received from Queens Park by the free-spending Liberals that may no longer be made available under the PCs.

To be honest, if all the publicly owned infrastructure in this city that needed to be fixed was going to be fixed, you would have to raise taxes by a lot more than 3.25%.  Easily double that.  Maybe more.

Its becoming quite evident that the local tax base will not be able to support the City of Thunder Bay as it is now, for much longer.

Maybe we can monetize our reputation as Murder Capital of Canada?  Can we trademark that term?  T-Shirts?  I think there is a missed opportunity here.

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