Thunder Bay – Friday

Not a great day for photography

Yup, there are still idiots that do not understand that putting your trash on top of a snowbank is wrong.  Imagine you had to drag trash bags/cans off of a snowbank hundreds of times a day.

Needless to say that this trash was still there later on in the afternoon.   It will still be there tomorrow.

We live next to one of the largest sources of fresh water in the world.  Can’t drink anything that comes out of it?

I guess this is celebrating the Orthodox Christmas?   What will be the next cup decoration?  Not Easter.  Not Valentines Day.  Roll up the rim to win is my guess.

Chronicle Journal trash that will be showing up later on in March.

Blowing snow off of the railway tracks.

Looking for colour on a pure white snowscape.

No shortage of empty cans in Thunder Bay.

Lots of drifting snow.

There is a lake out there

Taking a swig of Kelly’s finest to take the edge off of the day.  Where do these people get the money to buy all this stuff?  Do not give people who ask you for money any money.

The wine conneseur left so I was able to walk through the pedestrian overpass

Looks like this was the location of the meeting this morning.  Loiterers loitering.

Think these are mitts.

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