Thunder Bay – Police Services Board Publicly Acknowledges Systemic Racism

Police Services Board publicly acknowledges systemic racism

To hear the acknowledgement of the existence of systemic racism in the Thunder Bay Police Service and Board, and to receive an apology, left elder Rita Fenton moved beyond words.

“It just touched my heart because it has been a long time coming,” she said. “The systemic racism has been going on for a long time and the acknowledgement, I just feel it my heart for the people, all of us, who have gone through racism in the city and elsewhere.”

The Thunder Bay Police Services Board publicly acknowledged that systemic racism exists in the local police service and apologized to the Indigenous community during a Reconciliation Circle on Sunday. – Tbnewswatch

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Don’t see any former Thunder Bay police chiefs or former chairpersons of the Thunder Bay Police Services Board there.  Sooo, what does this acknowledgement mean then?

Once again, I want to know names.  I want to know what racist acts, views or statements that have been uncovered and the names of the people involved.

I think the people who work for the Thunder Bay Police Service that are not racists, the vast majority of the TBPS, deserve  that much.

The accusation of Systematic racism is a large brush being used to slander an entire organization.  It requires little to no evidence.  Its there because someone says its there.  There is no defence against this accusation.  If you deny being a racist, then you must be a racist.

I am sure the people of Thunder Bay want all of these racists eliminated from their police force.  Soo, lets name names. Provide the evidence. Get rid of the bad apples.  I do not want them there.  Who would?

This Reconciliation Circle changes nothing.  Its simply an exercise in Public Relations and maybe that is all this is supposed to be.

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