Thunder Bay – Most Local Schools Don’t Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Most local schools don’t have carbon monoxide detectors

The vast majority of schools in Thunder Bay are not equipped with carbon monoxide detection devices.

However officials with both the Lakehead Public School Board and the Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board on Wednesday confirmed they will look at having them installed after 35 students and eight adults were sent to Montreal-area hospitals earlier this month with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Though we do have carbon monoxide detectors in some of our schools, we do not have a policy for the requirement for the detectors in our schools and facilities,” public school spokesman Bruce Nugent said in a statement issued by email. – Tbnewswatch

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..The vast majority of schools in Thunder Bay are not equipped with carbon monoxide detection devices…

What?  Seriously?  Its the law that every house has one but not schools?   Why the F not?  Why does it take a near monumental tragedy for the people in charge of our children’s education  to realize that CO  detectors are a smart thing to have installed in schools?   Who the hell is running those school boards?

Maybe the schools can have a few persian sales and buy some detectors?  Parents can buy some just to make sure their children stay alive during the five or six hours the children are in school?

Cost too high?  Turf one administrator and you have paid for it.

How about the other schools? French and Indigenous?  They are not mentioned.  Do they have CO detectors?

…Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Chief John Hay on Thursday said while the regulations governing schools don’t require carbon monoxide detectors in schools, it’s not a bad idea…

Ya think?

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