Thunder Bay – Saturday

Its cold out there.  My cameras are not happy.  Click on any image to enlarge.

Frost on a window

Still there.  One week since the event.  

What happens when a frozen poo bag is run over

Pool 6 elevator debris. It was demolished 18 years ago.  No effort has been made to clean up the property. In fact, more debris has been dumped on that land.   Sooo, 18 years later still waiting for Ottawa and or Queens Park to cough up a few million to reclaim this land?  Maybe someone will propose to build an art gallery on this land. That type of project seems to attract Ottawa’s attention.

Still open..barely

all other have frozen over.

You can see animal footprints.  The surrounding snow has been blown away leaving only the tracks.

Some photos of the Townsend’s Solitaire. Got some better photos today.

Seemed very curious as to what or who I am.


Curb bump-outs seem like a great idea until its time to clear snow off of the streets.  Then then are a real pain in the grader operator’s butt.  Without a sign or maker, the curb section that juts out into the lane is invisible under the snow.  Grader blades will pound the daylights out of that curb.


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