Canada – Cat Lake Needs Help Now. Why?

This is what happens when you ignore all the warning signs.  You end up with stage four cancer.  Nothing can be done. The patient cannot be saved.

These appalling living conditions do not happen over night.  They take years to get to this point.  The question is Why?

The residents of Cat Lake, and many other reserves have been let down by their Chiefs and Council members.  Instead of waiting for someone else to fix their problems, they needed to take control and address the issues BEFORE they became critical.  Before its too late.

The residents of Cat Lake must take SOME responsibility for the condition of their homes.  They must take SOME responsibility for the appalling living conditions they now find themselves in.  They are living in those houses.  Its not ALL the fault of the government.

Now we are looking at evacuating the entire community?  Putting them up in where? Hotels?  For how long? Months? A year? Eating in restaurants? PLUS build REALLY expensive NEW houses in a remote location?  We are looking at millions and millions of dollars here.  Because of a lack of something as simple as housekeeping and maintenance? How did this happen?

You can be sure that this is just the first of many such situations that will be showing up.  If Cat Lake gets new houses then other reserves will want them also.  Expect more appalling living conditions to make the news in the future.

What needs to happen is a full financial audit of ALL reserves that find themselves in this situation and that audit report needs to be made public.  We need to know who is at fault here.  Is it underfunding by government bureaucrats, financial incompetence by reserve administration or a combination of both.

We can’t keep pumping money into these communities without finding out exactly what is going on.  We need to find out exactly what is wrong and fix it.  Its no point of spending millions and millions of tax dollars without ensuring this does not happen again in 8 or 10 years.

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  1. look out
    look out at | | Reply

    Sounds alot like the way the City of Thunder Bay operates. Build it, don’t maintain it, let it fall apart, beg for money to build it again.

  2. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Natives are taught that they are somehow entitled to “Government money”. They don’t understand that governments don’t earn money, but tax the productive members of society.

    Unless this mindset is corrected, this parasitism will become permanent.

  3. Dave
    Dave at | | Reply

    Much of the detail contained in the treaties didn’t exist when the treaties were penned, however these treaties have been allowed to be upgraded to keep pace with new comforts.

    Kinda like a blank check.

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