Thunder Bay – Friday

Pretty cold but my camera did not seem to mind. Worked just fine. Battery lasted the whole time.  Anyway, I did take a few shots while I was out strolling around..

You know its cold out

when you see the large exhaust clouds coming out of vehicles

Nobody cares about it now.

Clearing snowbanks on Lake Street

More Chronicle Journal trash?

This is CJ trash for sure.

Needed to take another photo of the caboose because the colour was sooo bright.  When its this cold, the air is very clear.

When you take photos looking at the sun, your lens needs to be perfectly clean.  I cleaned it but not enough.

No skaters today?  Why not?

Looks like someone went out onto the ice.

Animal tracks. Coyote?

No loiterers or drinkers in the pedestrian overpass today

Ahhhh, vomit. Not steaming.  Frozen.  Looks like some peas and carrots in there.

This was not in Marina Park OR the pedestrian overpass. For those who cannot tell, its a 1 litre tetrapack of Kelly’s finest.

Small can that packs a punch.

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  1. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    I’m sure everyone appreciates your ongoing commitment to keep this site updated with new content and pictures especially during inclement weather. Thank you.

  2. Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool at | | Reply

    …that reminds me…I have to finish off that Sherpherd’s Pie in the fridge today….

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