Thunder Bay – Saturday

Took a closer look at the shopping carts I pass every day.  Walmart..


Wholesale Club

Safeway carts



 Safeway, Metro, Walmart. Wholesale Club and???  As you can see, these have been here for quite a while. Estimated cost of $100 to $200 a cart, its a lot of money laying around that we consumers have to pay for in increased prices.

Why do people feel they are entitled to take shopping carts they want and keep them?  If, instead of a shopping cart, I took 10 roast chickens, would Safeway think that is OK?  Just part of the cost of doing business?  I suspect, I would be stopped before I got off the property and the police would be called.

This is the entitled world we live in now.

Canadian Tire

Safeway and Wholesale Club

Safeway carts

More Safeway carts and one Metro cart that I missed earlier.

Another Safeway cart. This one looks like its a write-off.  We taxpayers are paying for this one.

These are the regulars. There are more on top of these that are there for a few days and then are gone.Chronicle Journal compound. Some trash looking to escape.

Something going to happen in Marina Park?

The upcoming Winter FunDay at Marina Park in Thunder Bay — scheduled for tomorrow — has been scaled back due to cold weather.

The dog sledding activity has been postponed, the City of Thunder Bay said in a media release. It will now take place at Snow Day on the Waterfront on Feb. 18.

Environment Canada forecasts a daytime high of -28 C on Sunday, which will feel like -37 in the afternoon with the wind chill.

Indoor arts and crafts activities will still take place Sunday, running from 1-3 p.m. in the Baggage Building Arts Centre, the city said. – CBC News

Environment Canada forecasts a daytime high of -28 C on Sunday, which will feel like -37 in the afternoon with the wind chill.

Indoor arts and crafts activities will still take place Sunday, running from 1-3 p.m. in the Baggage Building Arts Centre

I guess we are raising a generation of pussies.  Pussies being raised by pussies.   The future of the world is screwed.

Sure its cold but…seriously?  Its Canada for heaven’s sake.  We do get winter every year.

Going to be Circle K bags blowing around the city soon.  I wonder how long until a Circle K is robbed?

No, its not the Sleeping Giant.

Haven’t taken a photo of these two for a while.  No change. Still frozen there.  MV Algoma Strongfield on left and MV CSL Niagara on right.

Looks like nobody has emptied the trash cans in Marina Park for a while.

More construction debris from the much delayed four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel (now slated to open in March 2019) that ended up on the marina ice.

No skaters today

No fire?  What’s the point on locating a fireplace in the centre of the fountain pond skating rink and not having it on when the weather gets cold?  Isn’t that what its for?  To warm up on a cold winter’s day?  It does not get much colder and winter than right now.  If its not on now, then when?

You know you have an addiction problem when you are standing in -30C temperatures drinking rotgut wine (Kelly’s Finest)from a tetrapack while standing in the centre of the pedestrian overpass.

Lucky for him, Thunder Bay officials don’t care about public consumption of alcohol or public drunkenness for that matter.  Its not a good look for the city but I guess you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and Thunder Bay is definitely a sow’s ear.

On the plus side, there is no worry about any of these young people drowning in a local body of water when its this cold.

His parents must be proud.

Hey..grain fed.  Just saying…

You can see a Kelly’s tetrapack in the centre of the photo sitting on the far handrail. Same on that the gentleman was drink from earlier or this a different one?  Don’t know for sure.  Could be that he put his in his bag.

When its like this, do you still have to put money in it?

Just liked this tree.

Northern Logger of Sleeping Giant Brewing Company….of Denver Colorado?  There are two Sleeping Giant Brewing Companies?  Who knew?

OK…the birds might keep the top of your head warm but the chipmunk isn’t doing anything for the ear.  Totally impractical headgear for this weather.

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    I used to see a truck collecting Walmart carts. He was paid $5 for each one. That was a few years ago. Haven’t seen him in some time. People without transportation use the carts, instead of paying for a cab, to get their groceries home and are too lazy to take them back. So much for the so called locking wheels. Andras Court seems to have quite the collection. Up by County Fair same thing. Carts everywhere, walking trails, driveways and some being pushed into McVicars Creek. In the summer kids use them as play things building forts and pushing each other around. You are right they cost $200+ apiece and we are paying for it in increased costs passed on by the business. You don’t see many of the carts where you need to put a loonie in to disengage from the others. Everyone wants their loonie back. Might be a part time small business opportunity for someone with a truck or small trailer. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

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