Canada – Canada Pushes Trump’s Regime Change In Venezuela

Canada, chronic US ass-kisser and rule of law hypocrite, leads charge for regime (coup) change in Venezuela.  Why?

Lima Group. Ever hear of it?  We created it.  Why?

I guess if the Canadian opposition parties wanted to gain control of the government, all they have to do is boycott the election this fall.  Claim the election process is rigged.  Then after Trudeau takes office, declare themselves the REAL government.  The US and its lackeys will immediately recognize the opposition.

That is exactly what happened in Venezuela.  Canada supports this tactic.

What is saving Trudeau from such a fate is that his lips are already firmly planted on Trump’s ass already.  You couldn’t pry them off with a crowbar.  Exactly the way the US likes it.

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    shame on us

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