Thunder Bay – Tuesday

These Algoma Street benches should be removed prior to the first snowfall.  The same with the giant planters located in the area.  Makes snow removal sooo much easier.  It would also stop these things from getting damaged by snow removal equipment.  Now we have to buy a new bench.

Still high snowbanks on the other side of Algoma Street

What purpose do these benches serve this time of year?

Trying to make a desolate snow-covered wasteland look interesting.

Birds do not like this weather either

This is the view of the harbour.

The wind not only makes being outside a miserable experience but it also causes a lot of drifting.

Nobody in the pedestrian overpass today.

Signs of previous loitering groups.

Cap from Kelly’s finest 1 litre tetrapack.  There are several laying around.



This is not going anywhere until spring. Should start to smell as it defrosts.

Chronicle Journal trash.  Wind blows it all over.

Cardboard in a trash bag.  I see lots of businesses leave their cardboard for the garbage trucks.  Commercial operations must pay for someone to pick up their recycling.  Sooo, instead of paying, the material that should be headed to the recycling depot instead heads to the landfill.  Why City of Thunder Bay accepts cardboard as trash is baffling.  

I see a second “MeToo” movement about to be started.  If Cat Lake gets new houses, then you can be sure other reserves will also demand them.  The Federal government understand this.  As far as the government is concerned, I expect repair will be a more acceptable solution.

Remember when our high salaried were trying to Federal funding for the Event Centre?  You can bet that had the Federal government funded any hockey rink in the country, Thunder Bay would have been screaming “ME TOO”!!  No different for First Nations Reserves.  

I think this is a spaghetti squash.

What its doing here?  Who knows?   Its frozen solid.  Looks like it was thrown.

Those infamous bumpouts are a pain in the ass when it comes to clearing snow.

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  1. look out
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    At least the residents of Cat Lake have a house. They may not be new. They may need repair. There are thousands of homeless people in our country sleeping on the streets that need help. First nation leaders need to stop being such whiners. It only breeds contempt. Northern reserves cannot always be ME FIRST.

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