The World – US Sanctions Are Killing Venezuelans.

US sanctions are killing Venezuelans so the US adds more sanctions.  Its economic warfare and a crime against humanity but who cares?  Its the US who are the good guys?  that are doing this soo it must be OK.

The sanctions are illegal under international law because they have not been endorsed by the UN Security Council.  Who cares because the US and its gang of ass-kissing sidekicks are the good guys…right?

Now  Canada is major part of a crime against humanity.  An action that is illegal under international law.  Canada, a country that believes in the rule of law….Just not the international kind, I guess.

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  1. look out
    look out at | | Reply

    Sooo what i’m taking away from this is – as a country it’s best to be on the side of the guy who has the most dominant economic and military power. If your not “look out”. kiss kiss

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