Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Not sure why this is laying here.  Copper and brass.

Another public bench bites the dust due to the snow clearing operation.

Not sure what is going on here. Not first time I have seen police here.

Almost free.

Wind blowing snow

Blew these needles right off the tree.

Looks like one of those painted rocks that I have mentioned in an earlier post.

More construction debris that has escaped from the site of the soon to be open? 4 Star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel

I am not alone.  This is probably how Robinson Crusoe felt when he found those footprints on the beach.

Looks cold.

Looks like a cupcake

Nice a cold I hope.

What cyclists wear in this weather.  At least  she/he was riding on the street.

Car looks like it has something wrong.

Imagine you are driving the vehicle that is in that cloud of smoke. 

Looks like it was hit by a sidewalk plow.  No surprise there.  I expected that.  These concrete planters installed last summer as part of the Court Street road construction are right next to the sidewalk.

I get cold just thinking about this.

Satellite dishes used to be expensive technology.  Receiving TV signals from space. A modern miracle.

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  1. nomad
    nomad at | | Reply

    What a waste of time and money. Planters and benches getting destroyed by plows. Things need to change. Repair costs should come out of city managements personal pockets not taxpayers.

  2. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    The goggle image is interesting. Draws you in….

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