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Now seeing is no longer believing.

Jennifer Buscemi is the deepfake that should seriously frighten you

The quality of deepfakes are based on several factors but rely heavily on practice, time, and the source material they are derived from. Initially, deepfakes were more shocking than convincing, but readily available programs and tutorials continue to lower the bar for new creators.

One such video, posted by Reddit user VillainGuy earlier this month, has highlighted how far the technology has come. That video—which combines actor Steve Buscemi with actress Jennifer Lawrence at the 2016 Golden Globe awards—is turning heads. Not because anyone believes it is real, but because of the video’s implications.

Utilizing a free tool known as “faceswap,” VillainGuy proceeded to train the AI with high-quality media content of Buscemi. With the aid of a high-end graphics card and processor, “Jennifer Lawrence-Buscemi” was born. VillainGuy says the level of detail was achieved thanks to hours of coding and programming as well.

The video’s viral spread online Tuesday comes as numerous U.S. lawmakers sound the alarm over the potential of deepfakes to disrupt the 2020 election. A report from CNN indicates that the Department of Defense has begun commissioning researchers to find ways to detect when a video has been altered. – Daily Dot

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    Welcome to the digital world. Trust no one. Trust nothing you see. This comment is not really here.

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