Thunder Bay – Thursday

One of the coldest days so far. Hard to take photos in this weather.

Interesting.  Frost image of the hand that was inside the glove?

Making sure the sidewalk plow does not hit this telephone box

These things plus the bump-out that they are located on, just make snow removal more difficult.

Put them up for Christmas….and take them down in late spring.

Pretty sure that these things no longer serve the purpose they were meant to when placed there.  They are filthy and I am sure hard to see.



If you don’t refer to Christmas, then you can keep using those cups all winter.

Looks like the another piece of construction debris from the soon to open? four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel.  It will soon be blowing around out on the ice headed for who knows where.  Michigan?  Isle Royal?  Sleeping Giant Provincial Park?

A lot more boot prints today.  Yesterday, there were almost none.

Condo windows reflect sunlight down onto the rec trail

Another piece of construction debris

Looks like one of my boot prints from yesterday

?  I have no clue.

Nobody skating now butt…

maybe 20 minutes later, two brave souls gave it a try.

I am impressed with their courage.

Looks like the City of Thunder Bay finally got around to trimming these bushes back from the rec trail edge.

I wonder what they are up to?

The two left so I was able to walk through today.

Was not here yesterday.  Looks like someone needed to take the edge off of their day.  Poppers Hard Ice Malt Liquor?  People drink this?  Fruit flavoured beer?

Export A?  People are still buying this?  This is the first one I have seen in a long time.

November 24th?  Why put up a poster for an event that is almost a year away?  Oh that’s right. This is still up from LAST November.   Bet it will still be up next November.  

Wind has taken a toll on the Christmas Tree decorations.

Wish I thought of this back in the day. I just think of all those mornings I froze my hands trying to pry the frozen wipers loose from the windshield..

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  1. focal point
    focal point at | | Reply

    You need to face your fears and walk through the overpass when the gang is all there. Have your camera at waist level with the video function on. If you need help I will be there with you. Just ask!

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