Thunder Bay – A Rant – A Golden Opportunity Missed And For What?

Our high salaried residents of City Hall would rather have a U-Haul personal storage facility in the heart of the Waterfront District (the former Eaton’s Building)…an area designated as the entertainment district by the City of Thunder Bay…instead of a $33 million art gallery.  What vision!

Our high salaried residents of City Hall would rather build that multi-million art facility, a privately run facility that has been gifted almost $30 million by the taxpayers of Canada, Ontario and the City of Thunder Bay, in the middle of nowhere.  Far from any shops, restaurants or cafes that would benefit from its construction.  Far from public transit that would make access to the art gallery easy for people who do not have a car.  Make access easy for those people who are mobile-challenged who use public transit.  Great!

What happened to those cries of “Infill” when the Event Centre HAD to be located on Water Street?  What happened to all those cries about investing in public infrastructure that would bring people and their money into the downtown core.  Where did they go?

Federal funding for projects like this is intended to improve downtown areas which is a key reason for choosing the Thunder Bay waterfront location. A number of other compelling reasons are presented in the Phase 3 feasibility study which similarly rules out the Innova Park location preferred by most downtown opponents. – CJ Editorial June 11, 2014

All those things seemed to be very important a few years ago when justifying locating the $120 million Event Centre on a postage stamp sized piece of land on Water Street. Locate it in the downtown core.  Support the downtown businesses.  For some reason, when it comes to that art gallery, none of those things matter any longer. Why?

Just how much foot traffic is the U-Haul personal storage facility going to bring to the downtown core?  My guess is zero.

This was a golden opportunity to inject new life into one of our downtown cores. Spend tax dollars to help businesses.  Infill.  Do it all.  And City Hall said “No”.

Why?  To make their failing Prince Arthur’s Landing project a success.  Throwing good money after bad.  Pouring more tax dollars, money taken from people at the point of a gun, into that money pit just so all those bureaucrats and politicians who pushed for that waterfront development can save face.

Its all sooo frustrating.  Our city is being run by someone. I am pretty sure its not the high salaried idiots residing in City Hall.  Building the $33 million art gallery in the middle of nowhere, totally isolated from the downtown core makes no financial sense whatsoever.  

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