Thunder Bay – Sunday

Polish Hall in English, Polish and Asshole.  At least I am assuming what that scribble on the right says. I do not read, write or speak Asshole.

Hard is it to NOT throw your trash onto the ground?

Not something you see everyday.

You can always find a collection of shopping carts around DSSAB apartment buildings

The Chronicle Journal now has five carts.

Chronicle Journal has a hard time keeping their trash from blowing around their property,  Sometimes, their trash makes it out onto public property.

These vehicles have not moved for days.

Why is ther a hole in the bottom?

Crow tracks or Raven tracks?

Ravens killed this pigeon.  It was still twitching when I arrived.

Scene of the crime.

Pigeon killer

Too early for nesting. They are waiting for me to leave so they can continue eating their pigeon dinner.


Yup…finish your take-out meal and drop the trash where you stand.  When did people start to believe this behaviour is OK?

Another cup cake?

Lots of Kelly’s Wine tetrapack caps laying around.  Each cap represents 1 litre of rotgut wine.

This cart has been around for years

More trash.

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  1. look out
    look out at | | Reply

    Graffiti Assholes are everywhere. Perhaps this asshole needs to be directed to Thunder Bay’s first ever urban/graffiti art alley for training.

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