Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Going to get worse

Murder Capital of Canada 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 and probably 2018, always high on the list of most dangerous, most violent cities in Canada, and hotbed of racism….even the Thunder Bay Public Library is racist.  Who would want to move here?

Better get another shovel.  More snow is on the way.

Will be buried soon. Won’t see the light of day until spring.  Then all of the trash tossed out on to public spaces will be available for all to see.

Fire Department has still not cleared the sidewalk.  This sidewalk was blocked when the Fire Department cleared snow from the station’s parking lot.

I know…I have taken many photos of these areas before but with all this snow, its a challenge to come up with something new everyday.

A symbol of the city’s waterfront. Fences and locks. Almost all of the waterfront is off limits to the public.

Warmer weather has the loiterers back in the pedestrian overpass.

Interesting how the clouds over the Giant change over a short time.

Getting ready for the snow sculptures.  Carving begins February 14.

No peanut allergy here

I have seen these guys carry three peanuts.

Yup…corner of Red River Road and Court Street.  Right in the heart of the north downtown core.  The Entertainment District.  A huge building.  Public transit (Memorial, Crosstown, County Park, Jumbo Gardens) stops right outside front door.  Mainline stop is a short walk away.   Parkade half a block away.

Now its going to be a U-Haul Self Storage centre.  A type of  business that, in every other city, is normally found in an industrial parky,  in Thunder Bay, it will be located right downtown. In the Waterfront District.

The BIA’s saying should now be Shop, Eat, Play and Store The Junk You Can No Longer Fit In Your House

Another sidewalk blocked by a company clearing a parking lot.

Carts seem to attract other carts.

If on-street is allowed only on one side of the street, then all of the snow on the street gets pushed over to the other side of the street.   Sooo…you live on one side, you don’t have to shovel any show, you live on the other side, you have to shovel mountains of snow.

Something to consider when you are house hunting.


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    the watcher at | | Reply

    Yup, Thunder Bay’s Entertainment and Waterfront District. U-Haul it here. We store it here or you can pawn it across the street over here then go eat drink and be merry.

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