The World – We Are Plastic. Can’t Be A Good Thing

Scientists discover plastic in faeces of every person who took part in Europe-wide study

“While the highest plastic concentrations in animal studies have been found in the gut, the smallest microplastic particles are capable of entering the blood stream, lymphatic system and may even reach the liver.

“Now that we have first evidence for microplastics inside humans, we need further research to understand what this means for human health.”

The pilot study recruited eight participants from the UK, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Austria. None were vegetarians, and six ate sea fish.

It is estimated up to 5 per cent of all plastics produced end up in the sea.

Once in the oceans, plastics are consumed by sea animals and move up the food chain. Significant amounts of plastic have been detected in tuna, lobster and shrimp.

Food is also likely to be contaminated with plastic as a result of processing or packaging, say the researchers whose findings were presented at UEG Week, the largest meeting of gastroenetrology experts in Europe.

Environmental expert professor Alistair Boxall, from the University of York, said: “I’m not at all surprised or particularly worried by these findings. Microplastics have been found in tap water, bottled water, fish and mussel tissue and even in beer.

“We will also be exposed to particles from house dust, food packaging materials and the use of plastic bottles. It’s therefore inevitable that at least some of these things will get into our lungs and digestive systems.” – The Indepedent

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You are what you eat.

I remember when there was glass bottles.  Milk and soft drinks came in glass bottle. Paper bags, There were no plastic bags.  Things were made out of wood, metal and glass.   Now everything is plastic.  Disposable. Just use it and toss it away.

Don’t shit where you eat.  We are shitting where we eat, drink and breathe. That is how stupid we are.

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    Now that we recycle paper in larger quantities paper bags in grocery stores may make a comeback. They are heavier and take up more room though.

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