Thunder Bay – Thursday

Sidewalk plow cleared the blockage caused by the Fire Department.

Sooo you can now walk along the sidewalk without having to climb a mountain of snow…until the next time the Fire Station parking lot is cleared of snow.  That should be tomorrow.

As far as this sidewalk has been cleared.

This car, which it seems has been abandoned in the Marina Park parking lot, needs to be towed.

It has not moved for weeks.

The view out on the lake today.  Visibility limited.

Snow is that deep

This morning..before the snow got heavy

Snow sculpture boxes are set up and filled with snow

My understanding is that snow sculpturing starts on the 14th of this month.  One week from today.

Looks like the snow being used to fill the boxes is the snow that was removed from the Festival Area.  How clean is  that snow?  I guess we will find out soon.

Jaw Drop Squirting Oranges vodka cooler

Loiterers loitering. The loiterer sitting down had, what looked to me, a small bottle of vodka and a bottle of sprite sitting next to her/him.  To take the edge off of the day I guess.

When your young people need to have a drink of vodka at lunchtime….THAT is a problem that nobody appears to be addressing.

Everyone is busy dealing with “systemic racism” in this city while a generation of young people is being lost.

Basic income protest in front of the Hoito.

I am all for a basic income as long as it is given to everyone, no matter what their income is.  Everyone gets it.  People should not be financially penalized because they have a job.  Nor should they be expected to work for free.  That is exactly what the basic income trial did.  It discriminated against people due to income level.  Previous related posts here.

People need to have a reason to work.  Financial gain is the main reason people work. Take that incentive away, and then what?

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