Thunder Bay – Friday

The joy of on-street parking.  Grader has to plow around parked car.  Car leaves.   Leaves road covered in snow behind.  Hurrah!

Shopping cart under there.

The insanity of having a snowbank between sidewalk and street.  Stupid road design.

All of the snow should be pushed to the other side of the sidewalk.  Away from the street.

Managed to remove the blockage created by the Fire Department.  Pedestrians can now get through.

Sigh…you cannot clear the parking lot of snow if vehicles are parked there all day and all night.

Someone walked down there. Tougher than I am.

Hmm…you see that bottle?   It is a 40 (US) oz bottle of Pabst Olde English 800.  Only in Thunder Bay do people feel sooo comfortable drinking alcohol in such a public location.

Oooooo now I see a large tetrapack carton being opened.  Hmmm…either non-alcoholic juice of some sort or a 1 litre pack of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine. You choose which you believe it is.  I’m going with the wine.  The container looks like it.

The only time I have ever seen anyone on the waterfront or in the pedestrian overpass with non-alcoholic fruit juice, he was using as mix…orange juice and vodka.

Sidewalk in Marina Park is plowed. The problem is that there is no way of getting off of the sidewalk without having to climb over a huge snowbank.  How to access the parks rec trails?  Nobody seems to care about that.

Another example of an asshole private snowplow operator

How are pedestrians supposed to get past that?

Whoever plowed this blocked the sidewalk.

Trash bag will show up this spring. Graders don’t care if its garbage day.

People who have mobility issues have difficulty navigating past even small blockages like this.

and how do you walk past this?

A sidewalk plow could not move the snow very well. You need a blower.

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  1. nomad
    nomad at | | Reply

    Thunder Bay has a problem plowing and/or removing snow in a lot of areas around town. Throw into the mix private snow removal services and you got a huge mess. It seems that there is an apparent lack of co-ordination between road plows and sidewalk plows/blowers.
    But hey, it’s T Bay. Lets do it twice.

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