Thunder Bay – City Hall Needs To Ride On The Bus

Dear councillors who can’t hack transit: We’re not sorry for you

People who rely solely on OC Transpo to get around Ottawa applaud challenging city councillors to do the same for a week, but are also frustrated that not all of them can handle it.

Free Transit Ottawa is behind the challenge and said the goal is to draw attention to parts of the transit system that need improvement, and encourage discussion between elected officials and residents.

Seventeen city councillors have been riding the bus and taking part in those discussions on social media, posting about missed connections, late buses and overcrowding.

One councillor described the overcrowding as being packed like “sardines.” Several have admitted to “flunking” the challenge or choosing a car over a bus to make it to their destination on time.

“At least I have a choice … a lot of people don’t,” Carol Anne Meehan told her Twitter followers.

‘Limits the activities I do’

Diane Larabie is one person who doesn’t have a choice because she doesn’t drive.

“It definitely defines my life. It limits the activities that I do,” said Larabie, who commutes from her home in Lincoln Fields to work in downtown Ottawa every weekday.

Her trip isn’t so bad, but she said appointments and errands are a different story.

“For instance, I had to cancel a doctor’s appointment twice this winter because … it was like –40 C that day and then the next day I had my doctor’s appointment it was freezing rain,” Larabie said.

She has to walk about 10 minutes to get to the Transitway, and said paying for a taxi or Uber isn’t financially feasible. – CBC News

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I think this should happen here. All of City Council and Managers should be using Thunder Bay Transit for at least one week….for everything. Going to and from work. Going to and from City hall.  Grocery shopping.  Entertainment.  Everything. Just to see what people who depend on public transit go through every day.

And I mean everyday. Saturday and Sunday included. Need to get to the airport?  Take the bus. Need to get home from the airport? Take the bus.

For one week.

Only then can they make an educated decision on transit budgets.

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