Ontario – Why Privatization Is Not The Biggest Issue With Ontario’s Health Reforms

CBC takes you through the issue. Its about reforming health care administration…not privatizing the entire health care system.  If done properly, this could free up millions of dollars to be spent on other arts of the health care system.

Reducing admin costs and reinvesting those savings in health care delivery/treatment is something few Ontarians would think is a terrible idea.

Sooo do not freak out over the NDP’s “the health care sky is falling” propaganda.  Its not true.

Why does Thunder Bay Regional and St Joseph’s Hospital both need a full slate of administrators?  Is there not some duplication taking place there?  I think so.

Why privatization is not the biggest issue with Ontario’s health reforms

Much noise is being made about the changes in store for Ontario’s health system, so if you’re struggling to understand what is actually going to happen, you’re forgiven.

The New Democrats say Premier Doug Ford and his government have a secret plan to throw the system wide open to privatization. The Progressive Conservatives accuse the NDP of baseless fear-mongering, and they say nothing has been decided.

The reality is almost certainly somewhere in between.  – CBC

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  1. the watcher
    the watcher at | | Reply

    There is a lot of duplication taking place. Administration wages alone are at almost 3 million a year. Now multiply that out across the province. There is definately money to be saved. Does Dougie have some political appointments/friends ready to be placed into these new positions with ungodly high wages? I wonder.

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