Thunder Bay – Sunday

Took a photo of this yesterday.  I cleaned the lens better and took the photo again.  The sun is much cleaner.

Still a few months before these houses are occupied.

I also took photos of this fence yesterday.  Took photos again today with a cleaner lens.

A gin cooler.


Not Olympic rings but maybe should be.

Looks like the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) rec trail is still not cleared of snow.  I guess the person gave up.

Prince Arthur’s Landing is the City of Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination.  Its a four season development.  Cost the taxpayers over $70 million so far.  Why, in the winter, is there only one worker down there?  One person has the responsible for maintaining the entire park. The fountain rink area, all of the rec trails, remove the trash…all of it.  One person.

This is as far as the machine got.

This area is the priority for the single worker that has to maintain all of Prince Arthur’s Landing.

I wonder if the Police arrested these people?  For some reason, people are not allowed to walk out there.  The ice must be at least one metre thick.

Yup…drinking on the waterfront is a thing

That one worker has not got around to this section of rec trail yet either.  One worker. Premier tourist destination.

Wants to eat the peanuts. Is waiting for me to leave.

Tow this thing.  Its been abandoned.

Snow sculpturing starts on the 14th.

A use for a Safeway shopping cart.  Hauling empty beer cans/bottles back to the beer store.

You don’t want to be living next to this place.

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    no excuse for a dirty lens……

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