Thunder Bay – Monday

This icicle would kill you if it fell on you.

A Robin’s cup. A rare sighting.

Still there.

The future site of the proposed publicly funded and privately run $33 million (probably closer to $40 million) art gallery is being used as a snow dump.

This would be a problem had the art gallery supporters managed to raise their minuscule share of the cost of the project.

The supporters must now raise $3.5 million. This is an increase of $700,000 from their original fund-raising goal of $2.8 million.  This higher money goal has forced a delay of the start of construction by one year.

Think about that.  An art gallery that is supposed to be sooo popular in this town needs another year to raise that additional $700,000.   I guess Tbaytel will fork over another $200,000.  Maybe the entire amount?  That company has lots of cash.

Coffee cup tossed from a car?

McDonalds coffee

Lid is there as well.

Snowshoe tracks


Trouble clearing snow from the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) rec trail.

Work has stopped. The equipment is not capable of remove this much snow.

People forced to make their own trail.

71 million PLUS taxpayer dollars spent building the City of Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination…and the snow clearing equipment is incapable of clearing the snow?   The machines are just toys. The above snowblower is a lawnmower with a blower attachment.

People have bigger equipment they use to clear snow from their driveways.

This is the snowplow.

Thought this was dog feces but looking closer, I am not so sure.

What the hell is that?

Pier 2…they gave up on this one too.

This looks great though.

Snow sculptures at the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office).

Some people do not pick up after their dogs.  Lots of people actually.

Gave up on this section of trail as well.

Apparently the large tractor cannot clear the rec trails either.

They got this far.  Family Day next weekend.

Interesting cloud.

Probably have a dozen photos of this spot.

Still removing snow from the snow sculpture area


More small cubes of snow being added.

Ahhh…time for a refreshing drink of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine.  In the pedestrian overpass of course.  Their parents must be proud.

He has one as well or are they sharing?   Anyway, a relaxing way to help take the edge off of your busy day.  Bring on the tourists.

Good friends. Good conversation. Kelly’s Wine.  Available at your local LCBO.

Why are we expected to walk through this crowd?  Looks safe, right? Only a couple of them are drinking, right?

They can’t do this somewhere else?

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5 Responses

  1. nomad
    nomad at | | Reply

    Drinking/hiding in plain sight. You can see the coppers coming from a mile away.

  2. the watcher
    the watcher at | | Reply

    Due to the institutional racism in Thunder Bay’s Police Department I would be surprised if any officers would attempt to charge a native for drinking in public let alone 5.

  3. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    falling ice, keep looking up!

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