Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Had to wait for this train to go by.   Having your $71 million PLUS premier tourist destination across the railway tracks is a pain.

Still there. Hasn’t moved for weeks.  Needs to be towed.

Not a great day for outdoor photography.  I must have a hundred photos of this.  Trying to make it look interesting.   Its the clouds that make the view interesting.

Brought this in to clear some snow from the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland trail.

Wide enough to drive a car down.  All this work is only being done for Family Day this weekend.  Dog Sled rides will take place on this site.  If that was not the case, then no work would be taking place at all.

As it is, on a small portion of the trail has been plowed. The majority of the trail remains unplowed.  My understanding is that no additional snow removal work will be done this winter.  The Parks Department does not have the equipment to clear the snow.  Four season, premier tourist destination indeed.

This is embarrassing.  You might expect this from Toronto, but Thunder Bay?  Unable to clear snow on walkways?  Seriously?  Our high salaried residents of City Hall should hang their heads in shame.

From here on, you are on your own if you want to enjoy our waterfront park.

Still installing things on the top of the four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel.  Supposed to be open next month.  Of course, many grand opening dates have come and gone sooo you have to take any completion date with a grain of salt.

Yup…Thunder Bay has lost the ability to deal with snow.  It snows, shut the waterfront trails down.

This all being done for Family Day.

Snow sculpture work starts Thursday

Needs to be towed.

You cannot clear the parking lot properly with abandoned vehicles in the way.


Ice Box Long Island Iced Tea?  The waterfront drinking club is getting classy.  38% alc/vol. $29.95.  Must have been a special occasion.  Maybe an anniversary?  Valentine’s day is coming up.

Oooo looks like there was food.


Not sure….did not smell like urine.  Not vomit.  Some sort of liquid spillage.

I wonder if a person can increase their IQ?

I hope so.

I really hope so

This is the problem with getting free stuff

The stuff has no value.  You can always get more…for free.

We taxpayers funded this trash.

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