The World – Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Makes Case For Universal Basic Income

Joe Rogan talks with Presidential candidate Andrew Yang about Universal Basic Income, Regulate Automation and “Free College”

I think these are the same issues we are discussing in Canada today.

$1000 a month?  Where is that enough money to live?

Why is post secondary education sooo expensive? Over emphasizing a university and college education and under emphasizing the trades. There are too many young people going to university and college to get a useless degree or diploma.

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  1. nomad
    nomad at | | Reply

    Yep, lots of unemployed “smart” people lying around on their parents couch waiting to pay off all that student debt. A popular belief is Oh, I’ll just wait till mom and dad reach the final level of the game of life and i won’t have to work. The waiting game might work for them, maybe, maybe not.

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