Thunder Bay – Wednesday

I wonder how many disposable beverage cups are used in this city?  How many end up lying on the street/sidewalk/park?

Streets get plowed over and over again while sidewalks might get cleared once…maybe twice in the downtown core.

Getting close to the Chronicle Journal compond

Not saying that this stuff came from the CJ property, but its amazing how often you can find trash like this around the neighbourhood of that business.

It will be interesting to see when the City of Thunder Bay starts to plow ALL of the sidewalks in Marina Park. Taxpayers invested $71 million PLUS on the City of Thunder Bay’s premier tourist destination.  I think they deserve to be able to use everything they paid for,  All sidewalks and trails should be plowed after every snowfall.  All parking lots should be cleared of snow after every snowfall.  Right now, that is not happening.

We paid for it. We want to use it….ALL.

There is a sidewalk under there

there is a sidewalk under there as well

and under there

under there

and under there

and under there

the abandoned white car mentioned in previous posts is gone.  It was there fore several weeks.

For some reason, I like this spot. Some colour in the sky today




Someone took a walk over there.  Must be a photographer.  Nobody else would be that stupid.

Valentines Day tomorrow

Not doing much good.

Some snow clearing work taking place on the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail. The tractor they are using is not ideal.   You do not need to clear a roadway. Just the width of a sidewalk.

He got this far before lunch

Come spring and summer, I will take different photos.   No more of these

The other end of the gap.

Glare ice.

Not sure what this is

Where the tractor was pulled out yesterday

Animal tracks

Snow sculpturing starts tomorrow.

This vehicle needs to be towed.

Are they drinking? Oh yes. Alcoholic beverages? Oh yes.  Are you surprised. Oh no.

Not sure what the bottle that person has in his/her hands.  Its a bottle of Polar Ice vodka. Not sure of the size of the bottle.  The large bottle is $40. The small is $15

A bottle of Growers Cider.  I wonder if this is what you mix the vodka with?  Anyway, a group of future Canadian leaders relaxing with a couple of drinks, just to take the edge off of their day.


A feral Safeway shopping cart. Imagine that.

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  1. look out
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    The other vehicle has been towed as well. As for the low life’s in the overpass. I would not call them a group of future Canadian leaders. You are WAY too kind. They are a group of Canadian losers and will never amount to anything remotely close to a leader.

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