Canada – Sheila Copps Confirms That Justice Is Negotiable In Canada. What A Surprise!

‘Ministers gone rogue’: Ex-deputy PM chalks SNC-Lavalin affair up to Wilson-Raybould’s inexperience

“I think they need a little bit of political experience and they need to understand that when you get into a group, whether it’s the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the caucus and the NDP, you don’t always get everything you want, and part of being a good politician is being able to negotiate so you get something for everybody and not everything for one person,” Copps continued.

Copps rejected the suggestion that Wilson-Raybould is a “victim” in this case, saying that the former attorney general, along with Philpott, “created the victimization.”

“Just because they’re women doesn’t mean they can’t be part of a team,” Copps said. “It’s fine to be a solo prosecutor if you’re working in a prosecutorial office.

“She was running her own show, and nobody was going to tell her what to do anywhere.”- Global News

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Soooo Copps is saying that the rule of law in Canada is negotiable?   Justice in Canada is dependent on whether the accused has political connections or not?  Whether the accused is part of “the team”?  Nothing to do with whether the accused might be guilty?

Jody Wilson-Raybould was not politically “experienced” enough to recognize that fact? Jody Wilson-Raybould was way too politically “inexperienced” because she believed in equal justice for all?  No matter how powerful, no matter how politicly connected the accused is, they should face the same justice as every other Canadian?   Wilson-Raybould is just sooo naive.  She is not part of “the team”.  So says , Sheila Copps.

This is exactly why I consider politicians to be political whores.  They are political whores.  Bought and paid for by big corporations. The Canadian Government is corrupt.

Federal Labour Minister Patty Hajdu said Monday that her confidence in Trudeau “remains untouched.”

Hajdu is sticking with her meal ticket.   Lets see how long that lasts.  She is a politician after all, and the number one thing on the to-do list of every politicians is getting re-elected….no matter what it takes.

She will stick with her meal ticket until it damages her chances of getting re-elected, then she will drop him like a hot rock.

In politics, there is always an I in team.


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