Thunder Bay – City Launches Police Headquarters Study

City launches study of fix-up or replacement for Thunder Bay Police headquarters

The City of Thunder Bay is taking the first step toward a capital project that could cost tens of millions of dollars, the final price tag depending on the option that’s chosen.

The city has issued a request for proposals from consultants to oversee a study into whether police headquarters on Balmoral Street should be upgraded or replaced.

The police station was built in the mid 1980s and was extensively renovated in 1992.

More than 320 officers and civilian staff currently work out of the building, nearly one-third more than when it was opened. – Tbnewswatch

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Lets see…..the art gallery had to be replaced. Not renovated. Had to be built in a brand new building.  Not in the former Eaton’s building.  Price was no object. THAT was for an art gallery.

Remember the  Fort William Gardens?  It was decided that we had to spend $114 million (probably much more) to replace it.  Not renovated. Replaced.

What do you think the outcome of this police station study is going to be? I would be very surprised if the recommendation is anything other than replce the old building with a shiny new many tens of millions of tax dollar building.

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  1. casper
    casper at | | Reply

    Of course it will be a brand new shiny building with all the bells n whistles. 50 to 80 million sounds about right. The location may have to change as well. Lets put it where they wanted the new hockey rink to go. That way the chief can have a view of the harbor AND the scum that inhabit the pedestrian overpass. Perhaps, the new overpass can even be attached to the cop shop somehow. Lets study it! The city can then SELL, not give away the old property to a car dealership.

    1. Toby
      Toby at | | Reply

      Scum that inhabits the overpass? As you know, every single one of those inhabitants are indigenous.
      Stick with your SCUM remark if you must, but isn’t that an intentional and unnecessary racist reinforcement?
      We get it, your ilk believes white is right, the entitled Caucasian majority in DaBay wish they could join the Klan, you want to exterminate anyone with skin pigmentation darker than your own, Muslims and Aboriginals are scary because they are different, so let’s remove them immediately, etc, etc, etc., but…. in this new supposedly enlightened age of internet discourse, isn’t saying such things akin to hate speech?

  2. Bob
    Bob at | | Reply

    I love being held hostage by MEN with BIG GUNS, and I will support any motion to give these buff haters anything they want, no matter how impossibly expensive or insanely outlandish…. I am a willing slave to those proud strong men in uniform, exactly the same as those on Donald, I even adore how they purposefully discriminate against ‘those that aren’t like us’, but only help ‘my kind’, right???!!!???!!!!! *BLUSHES* (Oh dey so sexy, it makes me so horny!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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