Canada – It Was Wilson-Raybould’s Decision To Make, As Long As She Decided It their Way

It was Wilson-Raybould’s decision to make, as long as she decided it their way

More than once in the course of his testimony to the Commons justice committee Gerald Butts said that he was not there to call anyone names or to cast aspersions on the character of Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Which is why the prime minister’s former principal secretary confined himself to depicting her as sloppy, closed-minded and unco-operative, while heavily implying the former minister of justice and attorney general of Canada was a serial fabulist who said nothing to anyone about attempts to interfere with her authority over criminal prosecutions until after she was shuffled out of her “dream job” in January. Otherwise he might have gotten really nasty.

And yet he offered little that contradicted what she had earlier told the committee — that she was pressured to overrule the decision of the director of public prosecutions to proceed with charges of fraud and corruption against SNC-Lavalin, rather than to offer it the remediation agreement it had sought.

To be sure, on the specific charge against him, that he had told her chief of staff in a meeting on Dec. 18 that “there’s no solution that doesn’t involve some interference,” he had “a very different recollection.” Variations on that theme were to be heard later from the clerk of the privy council, Michael Wernick, who had “no recollection” of a variety of statements attributed to him — that SNC-Lavalin would move its headquarters from Montreal if it did not get its way, or that something unfortunate might happen to her career if she kept crossing the prime minister. – National Post

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Yup…Had she not lost her job because of her decision, nobody would be talking about  this now.

It is obvious that the PMO’s office was not going to stop pressuring Wilson-Raybould until she decided to do as they wanted, let SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal charges.

Sooo, why was Wilson-Raybould removed from her Justice Minister/Attorney General cabinet post?  If it was not as punishment for not playing ball, then why?

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    maybe he doesn’t like female aboriginal lawyers who don’t speak his truth

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