Thunder Bay – Thursday

Snow sculptures today

Trying to escape the CJ compound

Its a very rare day where I don’t see a fire truck heading out of this station.  I am only down there for a couple of hours.

Orange and blue.  Or should I say ORNGE and blue.

This managed to escape the CJ compound and make it into Marina Park.  Next stop..Lake Superior

Lots of urine in the park. I guess we have to accept this because?????

Then there is all of the dog feces all over the city.  I guess we have to accept this because???  What is the difference between a dog taking a dump in a park and a human taking a dump in a park?  How about on a sidewalk?  Is there any difference?  Looks the same. Just comes out of a different ass.

Maybe people should be allowed to urinate and defecate in public places.  What does it matter if there is a few more turds laying around the city?  What does it matter whether the urine is from a dog or a person?  Looks the same.

Big group hanging out today.  Obviously, there is no other place that this meeting could take place. There is a whole park at the end of the ramp  but the meeting has to take place in this tunnel.

I wonder how much recyclable material is in those bags?

Bananas help deal with hangovers.

I shutter to think of all of the trash that will be making its appearance as the snow melts.  Dog crap and cigarette butts are two biggies.

Should it not be Batpig?

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  1. nomad
    nomad at | | Reply

    Perhaps the shit in the park, on the sidewalks and snowbanks are from the group in the overpass tunnel. Gotta shit somewhere. They only seem to puke and piss in the tunnel. Like you said “looks the same”

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