Canada – SNC-Lavalin – Team Trudeau Fights Back -Media Spin Begins

Hajdu insists she has never felt pressured by PM

Patty Hajdu, the minister of employment, workforce development and labour, was later asked about Trudeau’s response to the scandal and reaffirmed her support for the prime minister.

“I’m sure it’s very disappointing for him to hear that the trust broke down to that degree and I think moving forward his commitment to examining the processes in his own office and examining that role in particular are very important takeaways,” Hajdu said.

Trudeau indicated that consideration will be given to separating the justice minister from the attorney general position.

Hajdu, who acknowledged that the combined justice minister and attorney general role is different than that of a typical cabinet minister, said she has never felt pressured by Trudeau or anyone on his staff.

“My relationship has been profoundly strong and open and honest with the Prime Minister’s Office and with my own team,” Hajdu said. – Tbnewswatch

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This is the spin being put out by the entire Liberal caucus. Hadju and Rusnak are simply parroting the message they were told to repeat. When was the last time the media even bothered to interview Rusnak?

Its obvious now that the Liberals hope to confuse the public by presenting an alternative storyline where Wilson-Raybould was simply naive.  She misunderstood what TEAM PMO was doing.  They were just trying to help her make the decision that was her’s alone to make, even though Wilson-Raybould had already made her decision.

TEAM PMO was innocently going about business as usual.  Political back room deal-making. Something candidate Trudeau said he would eliminate. Make Canada’s government more transparent.  Not secretive like that evil former PM Darth Harper.

This “helping” by TEAM PMO went on for months. It is obvious that TEAM  PMO was never going to stop “helping” Wilson-Raybould make the decision that was her’s alone to make until she her decision agreed with what TEAM PMO had in mind. When that did not happen, Trudeau fired her.  THAT is what I believe happened.   Man smart, woman dumb. I believe Jody Wilson-Raybould.  So should you.

Soo do you think Hadju or Rusnak would stand up to the PMO like Wilson-Raybould did even if it meant losing their cabinet portfolios?  Of course not. They would both fold like a cheap suit. I don’t see either with that kind of courage.

I am not a fan of politicians, to say the least.  Still, if there must be politicians then let there be more Jody Wilson-Rayboulds and fewer Trudeaus, Hadjus and Rusnaks.  The country would be better off in the long run.

Rusnak reaffirms support for Trudeau

Under comments on the above article –

You can have an opinion and march to the party line. That is what good foot soldiers do. However this scandal is more about the PM himself getting involved due to a family friend . His name is Jacques Bougie, recipient of the order of Canada is listed as a director at SNC-Lavalin Group, a director at McCain’s foods (Bill Morneau’s wife’s company) and listed as a mentor at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. Close buddy of Jr????
None of that is mentioned in the media.  Interesting
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