Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Shut Out Of Having Private Pot Shop

Thunder Bay looks to be shut out of having private pot shop

Thunder Bay residents will likely have a long drive to visit the closest pot shop in Ontario.

Thunder Bay for the time being will be shut out of having a private brick and mortar storefront, with both of the retail licences designated for Northern Ontario going to Sudbury.

The Progressive Conservative provincial government had instituted an initial limit on the number of private retail storefronts allowed to open on April 1 at 25 across Ontario, with only two of those in Northern Ontario.

Legal cannabis had only been available for purchase in the province online through The Ontario Cannabis Store website since it was legalized across the country last October.

The province had conducted a lottery process that was completed earlier this year to determine who could apply to establish a storefront.

On the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website, which lists the applications currently under review, two locations have been listed for Sudbury.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission spokesperson Raymond Kahnert confirmed the two north region retail store authorizations are in Sudbury. – Tbnewswatch

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Life in Thunder Bay just gets better and better.  Luckily we  still have the local criminal element from whom to  buy marijuana.

Another example of ‘how governments turn gold into lead’.

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