Thunder Bay – Friday

Just fooling around.

Complimentary colours

Poo bag resurfacing

Surprised that the $1 million piece of public art has not been accused of being two phallic symbols.

I guess so. Getting fired for not doing what the boss wants will do that.


Vomit that appears to be flavoured with wine.

Does no good here.  Will the sign be erected? Who knows?

A pedestrian’s life is about to get really miserable.  Water covered sidewalks.

Then there is the splashing from traffic driving through water on the street

Why is water is flowing in a channel on the street instead of the gutter?  The channel has been created by bus traffic. How does traffic create wheel rutting?  Poor construction practices. We paid for this.  The pavement is only a little over seven years old.

snow sculptures today.  Getting warmer every day.

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