Thunder Bay – Saturday

Snow sculptures today

I know that these sculptures have been around for three weeks now but I still hate to see parents allowing their children to climb on them.  Because of the warmer weather, people are still coming out to see them.  It would be nice if they had something to look at.

Of course, this is Thunder Bay and a large portion of the population do not give a shit about other people.  They just don’t.

Public art or vandalism?

Fuck Cock…looks like these people, and I use the word people very loosely, are just writing all of the swear words they know onto a concrete wall.

Not even very creative.  Embarrassing.  Even this city’s graffiti artists suck.


It almost touching the ground! Will it make it before it breaks off?

Not much snow left on the roff BUT we are getting some more snow tonight. There is a chance!

Mid morning and this trio have appeared to have already had taken the edge off of their day.  

Sidewalks are glare ice in the morning

and a river of water in the afternoon

You don’t want to standing here when a vehicle drives by

Nobody in the overpass today…

If you are going to dump your trash on the ground, you might as well dump all of it.

This will be floating down McVicar Creek soon.

Looks like these Safeway carts have been here for a while.  I wonder how many carts Safeway loses each year?  Customers pay for those through the prices.

Looks like Head Stock IPA from Nickel Brook Brewery

Looks like a pigeon had a bad day

Looking for colour

Looks like someone made the long and dangerous trek to the trash can. This person deserves a medal.

Yup trash day was yesterday.  Looks like the crows got into this bag.

Someone will pick it up this spring.

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