Thunder Bay – Sunday

The snow sculptures today. They are showing a lot of damage from the warm weather.

Notice anything different about Poseidon’s eyes?  People have been busy.

People like to crawl in there.  All of the gears are gone.  The opening is bigger

The tail is falling apart

A lot of people are climbing around on them now.  Lots of damage.

The icicle is gone.

This one is still there

This one is still hanging in there.  Get it?  Still hanging in there?  I’m here all week ladies and gentlemen.

Cleaned all of the snow off of the sidewalk. Great.

Unfortunately, the person put all of that snow and ice in this spot. The  section of the snowbank that was excavated to allow people to access the parking meters.

The opening used to look like this.  Now its full of snow and ice.

I wonder how many of these things are going to show up as the snow melts?  There must be a few buried in the snow.

You can see the splash zones on the sidewalk. These areas require caution. You have to pay attention to the traffic on the adjacent street.

Hopefully, this will be repaired once the snow melts.  Its been like this for well over a year.

The asphalt that was placed in this pothole by the expensive pothole filling machine only a few days ago is no longer in that pothole.

Chronicle Journal trash that has made it into Marina Park.  How much made it out onto the lake is unknown.

The weekend Pow Wow is holding an event here. Something to do with smudging?

The Pow Wow people wanted to hold the ceremony at the fire pit.  The problem is that the fire pit is covered in snow and the city does not have the equipment to remove it easily.  The event organizers could have grabbed some shovels and removed the snow?

The Gathering Circle was not used either.  It is also covered with snow.  Not sure why it was built.  Wasted money as far as I’m concerned.  Rarely used by Indigenous people.

The area being used is next to the Gathering Circle.

Noticed this.

I think there is a catchbasin under there. Looks like water has finally going into it. Air is being released. Why is there a catchbasin in the middle of the street?  That is a long story.  Another Prince Arthur’s landing design failure.

Frost heave cracking is starting to show up.

This crack has increased in size. We paid to build this.

Water drips off of the roof of both the Baggage Building (CPR Freight Office) and the Water Garden Pavilion. Another Prince Arthur’s landing design failure. We paid to build those buildings too.

The blub blub stopped.

Well you see your honour, it says no stopping but I was parked.  It does not say no parking.

Broken bottle on pedestrian overpass ramp

Urinal area has some yellow snow.

Looks like a party happened here last night.

Maybe the City of Thunder Bay should put a trash can INSIDE the overpass?

Interesting tracks.

Sooooo close.   Just could not reach that extra metre and a half.  This is Thunder Bay in one photo.

OK, this is also Thunder Bay in one photo.  Sooo the two photos together are Thunder Bay

Water stuck in a low section of the sidewalk. Snowbank won’t let it flow into the street gutter.  Sooo, there it sits. Pedestrians have a tough time this time of year.

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