Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Snow sculptures today.  Warm weather and children are taking its toll on the sculptures.


This icicle is still hanging in there.  Its has to come down soon.

Something going on in the new DSSAB apartment building located at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets.  I wonder if commercial businesses will be using that ground floor space?  Its what is supposed to happen. and pizza.

This escaped from the CJ compound

Used to be on a vehicle’s wheel

This is probably why its no longer on that wheel

Could be this one as well


LCBO bag. Lots of these around town

Pool 6 snow dump area

No access to the far reaches of the Pool 6 property’s back 40.  Not yet.

Built and paved in 2016/2017. Crack appeared after first winter.

Looks like there was a smudging ceremony, but I missed it.   Happened before the last snowfall.

Looks like a desert scene.

Mobility scooter caught between barricades while trying to cross the railway tracks at the Camelot Street entrance.

I see a litre of Kelly’s finest rotgut wine and a bottle of water.  Is there water in that bottle?  Something clear.  Could be water. Could be vodka.  I know what I would put my money on.  I see a lot of empty vodka bottles around town.

Wine and water containers are now gone.

Lunch.  No point in putting this in the trash when you can just drop it on the ground where you stand.

Looks like work might be starting on the proposed apartment building located along Secord Street between Bay and Foley Streets.

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