Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Snow sculptures today

This one has collapsed.  It used to spell out TRAVEL

Looks like some people were busy here.

Turns out this was a Boeing 737 MAX 8

I wonder if we can get the black boxes?

How do you not know you are missing a boot?   I think you would notice a boot was missing on the first step.

Getting smaller

Bench making its appearance.

What do you think?  Repairable?  These should be removed in the fall.  BEFORE the snow falls. Once covered with snow, they become invisible to snow removal equipmenty operators.

Vomit?   Not sure.

The gulls are back in town.

Checking itself out in its reflection.

Looks great. You would think that the person who is responsible for this trash would pick it up.  However, this is Thunder Bay.

In Thunder Bay, the trash is left for someone else to pick up….and someone does pick it up.

Half uncovered.

A lot of pothole asphalt is now decorating snowbanks.


CJ trash migrating out onto public property.

Looks like a smoking spot.  Smokers are the worst litters in the city.

Is this horse poop left over from Snow Day?

A raven.  Looks like its had a rough day.

This raven appears to have better a personal hygiene regimen.

Oil in water.  White Rabbit by the Jefferson Airplane should be playing in the background as you look at these photos.

I upped the colour to make it more interesting

I think allowing your dog to take a dump anywhere other than your own property is the same as if the dog owner took a dump themselves.  No difference.

Daily hangout.  No other place in the city other than the pedestrian overpass?  Not one other location?

Removing the fireplace in the centre of the fountain pond/skating rink.

The urinal has a strong aroma.  The warm weather will increase the stench.

Pigeon poop

This looks like vomit

They sell these here?

One of these days, I am going to count the number of these I see in one day.

What could be in that jar?

Definitely Superior gallery has left the former eaton’s Building.  Time for U-haul to move in. Yes, U-Haul is turning the building into a self-storage facility.  Breaks my heart every time I think about it. (previous related post here)

Just the handle of a screwdriver.

Some trash photos.  There is going to be a lot of this stuff showing up over the next month or two.


Pretty sure that this is not where this valve cover is supposed to be.

The future site of a new apartment building.

In order to drill, you need to clear the snow off of the property.  Might as well push it out onto the public sidewalk.


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  1. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Until the early 1980’s, I believe, Thunder Bay was always in the top 5 in Canada for percapita income, and 2nd or so in Ontario just behind Oakville….

    Now?….really sad how far the city has fallen…the Eaton building is just one example..

  2. Jake Gittes
    Jake Gittes at | | Reply

    Neat video….was expecting ‘white rabbit’ soundtrack, though…

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